TikToker changed the gender of celebrities in order to depict how they may appear if they were born in a different body

Make an effort to recall your favorite Hollywood stars. All of us are familiar with the singers and performers Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Winona Ryder, and Eminem by name. What would they look like if we imagined they were a different gender, though? a user on TikTok going by the handle geek. Brazil made the decision to indulge in its fantasies on the subject and, using a neural network, discovered what our favorite superstars may be like if they had been born with a different physique. And some, incidentally, appear natural in their new appearance. 

Johnny Depp

Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber

Millie Bobby Brown

Snoop Dogg


Winona Ryder

Ed Sheeran

Katy Perry

David Harbour


Dwayne Johnson

Taylor Swift

Adam Levine


David Beckham

Elvis Presley

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