“Timeless Youth”: The Remarkable Man Who Looks Forever Young, Yet Could Be a Grandfather

Cuando Tan, a photographer from Singapore, recently shared his secrets to looking young. Despite appearing to be in his 20s or 30s, he is actually 57 years old. Tan credits his youthful appearance to a healthy lifestyle, particularly his diet.

For breakfast, he eats six boiled eggs but only consumes the yolks of two. His morning meal also includes a glass of milk, avocados, chicken, rice, vegetables, and fish. Although he has a weakness for ice cream, he only indulges in sweets in the morning.

Tan takes care of his skin by using moisturizing lotions and gels when washing. He regularly dyes his hair to avoid the appearance of gray hair. He also practices good bedtime habits, avoiding eating five or six hours before sleep and going to bed by 11:00 PM. Tan believes that these habits contribute to his youthful look.

Importantly, Tan does what he loves, which is taking pictures and enjoying his job. Perhaps, doing what he loves is the real secret to his youthful appearance.

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