To be first in line for an unusual pet, the family waited 27 hours at the door of the shelter

Someone stands in line for a whole day for a brand new iPhone and someone for picking up beautiful pets.

In one of the animal shelters in the US state of Oklahoma, amazing Border Collie dogs were born. They had one interesting feature: nature “painted” a heart-shaped pattern on their chest. The staff of the center posted photos of puppies on social networks with an announcement that they would be given to good hands from a certain date.

When the Johnson family saw these dogs, they decided at all costs to get one of them. For this, they even came from another state. And in order for them to get one hundred percent “hearty” border collie, the Johnsons “took” a queue in the parking lot in front of the shelter building more than a day in advance.

Their efforts were not in vain – they managed to get one of the kids. The Johnsons named the girl Luna.

It turned out that it was intended as a wedding gift to a relative. The family thought that a dog with a heart would be the best symbol of the love of the newlyweds.

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