To help a puppy that dropped his plush pig, she stops her car

Driving down the street, Claire Cummings spotted a stuffed pig laying there. She observed the surroundings and noticed a dog reaching for the toy. To get his pig back, he was leaning over a wall. 

The length of time the dog waited for assistance was unclear. 

Cummington and her partner run a dog-walking business since they both adore animals. The dog was fortunate that she recognized him because she has always enjoyed caring for and aiding them. She promptly reversed her car, stopped, took the toy, and returned it to its proper owner. 

She claimed that, if she could have helped but chose not to, it would crush her heart to witness the dog continue to cry out for assistance. 

She gave it back and gave it a long pat before leaving. 

She was thrilled that she was able to make him smile, and he was happy that he got it back.

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