To help his friend who was hit by a car, the dogs blocked the road.

Can you imagine what reproach dogs made to us people?!

Unfortunately, the more advanced our civilization becomes, the more people lose their humanity. But our smaller brothers, as they were devoted and sensitive, always remain so. And sometimes it seems that there is more good in an ordinary mongrel than in most of us. And this fact is absolutely not happy …

On one of the roads, a homeless dog was hit by a car, and the perpetrator did not even stop to help the unfortunate animal. Other cars were also speeding past, and no one wanted to stop. A pack of stray dogs watched from the side for such human callousness and decided to act on their own to help their injured friend.

Several dogs ran out onto the road and blocked traffic so that one of the drivers still took the poor thing to the veterinary clinic.

Can you imagine what reproach dogs made to us people?! It is clear that without our help they cannot save their comrade, so the dogs were forced to appeal to our humanity by their actions! The flow of cars stopped, of course, and among a large number of drivers, only one was worthy of these dogs. He took the injured mongrel to the vet. All other car owners did not pass the test, they just turned out to be creatures, not Humans!

So let’s still not lose our human appearance over the years, but remain kind and responsive, and come to the aid of everyone who needs it. And it doesn’t matter who it is – a person or an animal, even a homeless one. After all, every good deed is always rewarded in full!

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