To stay warm, two little kittens cuddled together (video)

Two frail, young kittens were abandoned and left for themselves. They had no option but to squeak their way down the street and cry for their mother, who was nowhere to be seen.

Two little homeless kittens were discovered on the streets of Erlington, New York, in the United States. The babies were only a few days old – they were weak, fragile, and were looking for their mother. Kind people brought the babies to the AWLA shelter, where they were gladly accepted.

The tabby cat was named Harper, and the blonde cat was named Hayden. One of the volunteers, a girl named Lauren, immediately volunteered to take the kids to her for overexposure.

The first thing the girl noticed was that the kittens were very attached to each other. When one was taken away, the other immediately began to cry loudly in protest.

The girl began to feed the babies from a pipette, and they actively gained weight and grew up. After each feeding, the brother and sister hugged, sweetly falling asleep.

According to the guardian, Harper is a very affectionate girl who requires a lot of attention and love, and Hayden’s favorite activities are eating and sleeping. But most of all, these two love spending time together.

The kittens are now three weeks old. They actively explore all corners of the house, play with each other, and just enjoy life. The guardian is still amazed at how strong the bond between them is!

These two have been together since the day they were born, and after going through many difficulties, they grow up healthy and happy next to caring people.

When the kittens are old enough, permanent owners will be found for them!

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