‘Too gentleman’ Keanu Reeves doesn’t touch women when taking pictures with them

Kanu Reeves rightfully bears the title of the sweetest, kindest, and most sympathetic actor in all of Hollywood, and probably in the whole world!

On the net, you can find a huge number of the cutest stories about Keanu Reeves, who helps strangers out of the kindness of his heart and does not accept anything in return.

What is worth only his decision to give away his entire fee to the film crew, stuntmen, and costume designers of the film “The Matrix”. The actor considered that it was thanks to them that this film became so good.

But just recently, another unique detail came to light. It turns out that in all the photos with women, whether it be a fan or a colleague, Keanu never touches them.

Many felt that Reeves behaves like a true gentleman and respects the body of a woman.

Here is such an unusual and mysterious actor, whom the whole world loves!

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