TOP stars with big noses who are proud of their nose and aren’t going to do rhinoplasty!

The size and shape of modern girls’ noses are a common source of the complaint. Some people use plastic surgery to remove the complex, while others opt for a less expensive solution and try to cover it up with makeup. However, some people merely accept their physical appearance as it is. In our discussion of the material for today, this group of people will be covered. 

These celebrities’ large noses did not stop them from achieving success and developing self-assurance. And this flaw has come to represent them. 

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz’s nose is not ideal in size and shape. Nevertheless, these fictitious “flaws” do not diminish the actress’s attractiveness. 

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, a star in the movie “Pretty Woman,” has never undergone rhinoplasty. Her features are only attractive because of her rather large nose. 

Barbara Streisand

80-year-old Barbara Streisand never thought her hooked nose was a bad thing. On the other hand, the American singer and actress is sure that this aspect of her appearance helped her to stay true to herself. 

Meryl Streep

Our birthday girl didn’t ever want to change the way her nose looked. Meryl Streep was once told by Time magazine that her nose isn’t exactly perfect, but she chose to ignore the advice. In one of her interviews, Streep said, “My nose is my character.”

Eden Epstein

Eden Epstein’s nose is arguably the most remarkable of those we chose. Her signature feature became her nose. 

Lady Gaga

The outrageous singer refuses to change her long nose and refers to it as “Italian.” After all, her distinctive nose highlights her outgoing personality.

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