“Touching Story of Commitment “: Fiancée Stands by Man After Severe Injuries in Chemical Spill

Last summer, just 22 days before his wedding, Preston Cobb got hurt badly in a chemical spill at work. He was lying in a hospital bed, worried that his fiancée might not want to marry him anymore.

Preston, who is 34, told his fiancée Tanesha Oglesby that he would understand if she wanted to call off the wedding. But Tanesha, who is 33, reassured him that she wasn’t going anywhere. She was just glad he was still alive and loved him no matter what.

With the help of the hospital staff, they decided to stick to their wedding date – July 22, 2023 – and got married in the hospital. Preston says that day showed him that true love never fails.

Preston and Tanesha have known each other since they were kids. Preston had always liked Tanesha but thought she was too good for him. They started dating in April 2020 after Preston messaged her on social media, although she initially only saw him as a friend.

They got engaged on Sept. 24, 2002, in front of their friends and family. When Preston had his accident at work, Tanesha was about to leave for her bachelorette trip. She rushed to be by his side when she heard what happened.

Preston suffered serious injuries: he lost his left leg, all the toes on his right foot, and most of his fingers. He also had burns on his legs, arms, and hands, and lost part of his ear. Preston thought he wasn’t the same person Tanesha agreed to marry and offered to let her go, but Tanesha stayed with him, saying she loved him no matter what.

Preston has had many surgeries since then, but he’s grateful for Tanesha’s support. They plan to renew their vows this summer and hope to have a baby together. Preston also hopes to ride a motorcycle with Tanesha again someday.

Tanesha says Preston is an amazing man who shows her a love she’s never felt before. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, they believe their love can overcome anything.

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