“Tousled Hair And Bags Under The Eyes”: What Does 53-Year-Old Uma Thurman Look Like Without Makeup And Photoshop?

Fans were able to closely admire the photo of the actress

Uma Thurman, the famous Hollywood blonde, turned 51 in April of this year, yet her look doesn’t reflect it.

Uma, unlike many of her coworkers, has never been fixated on cosmetic procedures or injectables. Her dedication to maintaining her natural beauty has allowed it to persist and even bloom over time.

It’s interesting to note that Thurman has never really given her appearance much thought, and as she’s gotten older, she’s become even less so.

She explained in an interview that while in our youth we frequently worry needlessly about our looks, as we become older we are able to approach it more calmly.

Thurman was recently photographed by photographers on the streets of New York, going about her business without even a hint of makeup. Despite wearing a mask over her lower face, viewers were nevertheless able to closely inspect the actress’s picture.

The image elicited a range of responses. On the one hand, Uma still has a youthful appearance. On the other hand, she appeared a little drained and exhausted.

Some blamed the obvious under-eye bags that weren’t covered by cosmetics, while others thought she could have been sleep deprived or just not feeling well.

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