“Transformation of a Hollywood Icon”: Julia Roberts’ Off-Screen Appearance

The fans didn’t really notice the famous actress without makeup in paparazzi pictures

Julia Roberts has always been one of the actresses who prefer natural makeup and simple outfits on the red carpet and at events. Fans have been curious about what she looks like without makeup.

Recently, photographers were lucky to capture the celebrity while she was casually walking in the park. She wasn’t wearing makeup or fancy clothes.

It’s important to mention that she looks better without makeup than many of her fellow actors and friends. People who admire Hollywood stars have always appreciated her natural beauty and self-confidence.

People are pleasantly surprised when they see her slim figure, hardly believing that she is a mother of three. The secret to her lovely appearance is her healthy lifestyle and good diet.

Her excellent acting and incredible talent always set her apart from everyone else. She embraces her natural beauty and isn’t desperately trying to look forever young and beautiful.

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