“Transforming Dreams”: Summer Teacher Renovates Abandoned Planes into Unique Airbnb Retreats

It would be awesome if all of us could visit this beautiful place

A teacher named John, who works in the summer, had a big idea. He wanted to change three old planes into places for people to stay, like Airbnb.

John liked challenges, so he decided to buy old planes and make them into interesting homes for people to rent. He had been running the summer school for six years, but he wanted to do something different. He didn’t just want to give students nice places to stay; he wanted to give tourists a really cool experience.

Finding the right planes was hard. After a few months, he found a Boeing 727, DC-6, and Douglas DC-9. The cost was between $600,000 and $800,000 for each plane. A big part of the money was used to move the planes to the school. He wanted to show everyone that dreams can come true.

He worked with a team of experts to change each plane into a living space. One plane had a separate entrance through the back stairs, and the other two became private homes. They had everything people needed: kitchens, bathrooms, washing machines, dryers, and heated floors.

The planes were connected with bridges for students and visitors to use. They could stay overnight in the summer school. To make it even cooler, there was a hot tub on one of the wings where people could relax and enjoy the amazing views. The first plane would be ready in June, and the other two would be done next winter. It costs $200 to $700 per night to stay there.

It would be awesome if all of us could visit this beautiful place.

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