“Traveling the Globe Together”: Retired Florida Couple Trades Home for Adventure

Adventure awaits! 🌍 Follow John and Bev’s epic journey as they trade in their cozy home 🏡 for backpacks 🎒 and explore 92 countries together!  🌟

A retired couple from Florida decided to leave their normal life behind and travel all over the world.

John and Bev Martin sold their house and everything they owned to travel in their retirement. They started their journey by exploring the United States in a camper van.

“We realized we didn’t need a big house,” said John, 60. “So, we sold it and downsized to just a few backpacks. Since then, we’ve been traveling non-stop.”

“We looked at our finances and saw that we could travel for two months each year in our retirement,” added Bev, 61. “But we realized if we sold our house and belongings, we could have a big adventure.”

By November 2021, they had sold their home in Florida and gave away their furniture to charity. Since then, they’ve visited 92 countries, including the Bahamas, Vietnam, Brazil, and Greece.

When they told their kids about their plans, the children were happy for them. “All our children and grandchildren are excited for us,” said Bev. “We hope we’re teaching them that experiences matter more than possessions.”

In the future, they want to travel with their grandchildren when they’re older. “We want to show them the world and change their lives through travel,” said Bev.

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