Travis Kelce Supports Taylor Swift in Sydney: Concert Highlights and Celebrity Sighting

Travis Kelce, who plays football for the Kansas City Chiefs, went to Australia to support his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, during her concert tour in Sydney. They kissed after her performance, and then left together while fans cheered.

Kelce wore a blue T-shirt and shorts with friendship bracelets on both arms. He seemed happy and clapped along with the crowd from his VIP spot.

It was raining and there was lightning, so the concert started late. Despite the weather, Swift performed for a big crowd of 81,000 people.

Swift’s opening act, Sabrina Carpenter, couldn’t perform because of the delay. But later, she joined Swift on stage for a song.

The concert also featured a surprise announcement from Swift about a new version of her album, with an extra song.

Lots of famous people were there, like Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and Taika Waititi.

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