“True Hero’s Story”: Courageous Teen Rescues Toddler from Canal

Once, there was a 15-year-old boy named Riley playing in a backyard. Little Reggie, a 15-month-old boy, wandered out through the back gate without anyone noticing.

While on a walk with his dog, Riley heard Reggie’s cries and saw him in the water. Without hesitation, he ran to help.

Riley said, “I heard the boy screaming and saw how small he was. I rushed to help him.”

Seeing Reggie almost sink, Riley jumped in and reassured him, “Everything will be okay.”

Reggie’s mom called Riley a guardian angel, posting pictures and saying, “He’s our boy’s hero. We want everyone to know he’s a real angel, and our son will always know he saved his life.”

Proud of their son, Riley’s parents were shocked but happy. “He pulled the little boy out of the canal, holding him above water until help arrived,” they said.

The mayor thanked Riley, calling him a hero, and the city started a campaign to nominate him for the Pride of Britain award. They even raised money, but Riley wants to donate it all to the UK Health Service.

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