TV Legend Norman Lear Celebrates 101st Birthday with Humor and Warm Wishes

Norman Lear, the guy who made awesome TV shows like All in the Family, Good Times, and One Day at a Time, just turned 101! To mark the occasion, he made a funny video for his fans.

In the video, Norman jokes about being like a kid again at 101. He talks about getting looked after a lot, like kids do. He says being 101 feels like being a little kid again.

He talks about two words he thinks are important: “over” and “next.” When something’s done, it’s done, and then it’s onto the next thing. He says if there was a hammock between those two words, it would be the best way to live in the moment.

Norman thanks everyone for celebrating with him and says he’s enjoying the moment with them.

Lots of people wished Norman a happy birthday online. People like John Mayer, Alyssa Milano, and Marisa Tomei sent their wishes. Judd Apatow, another producer, shared cute pictures and called Norman his hero. Jimmy Kimmel even joked about naming a freeway after Norman for his 101st birthday.

Norman Lear was born in 1922 in Connecticut. He served in World War II before making it big in Hollywood. He’s famous for making lots of great TV shows that many people love.

We hope Norman Lear has an amazing 101st birthday. He’s made so many people happy with his shows, and we hope he gets to make more!

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