“Twin Sensation”: Navigating Childhood and Modeling Success with Mom’s Guidance

People in the modeling industry became interested in two sisters who are considered the most beautiful in our time. Their mom, Jaki, noticed their exceptional beauty and as expected, pictures of the girls became very popular online.

People kept suggesting that the girls should try modeling, but Jaki wanted a normal childhood for her beloved twins. However, it was challenging for her since she also had a two-year-old son who needed care and attention.

Jaki couldn’t handle it alone, so she decided that if her daughters were to pursue modeling, it shouldn’t negatively impact their development. She sent their photos to various modeling agencies in Los Angeles, not expecting to get positive responses from almost everywhere.

Surprisingly, both sisters signed contracts with two different agencies, and Jaki, leaving her main job, became their manager.

She made sure that the girls continued to receive a regular education and attend events despite their modeling commitments. The twins’ photo sessions were usually scheduled in the evenings after school or on weekends.

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