Twin sisters conquered the world with their charming beauty. What do babies look like after 4 years?

These beautiful girls are called Morgan and Megan. They were born in 2011 and rightfully deserved the title of one of the most beautiful sisters in the world.

The twins have an incredible appearance: their skin color is dark, but their eyes are crystal blue. And one of the sisters has one brown eye.

Girls are often compared to the famous singer Rihanna because they are very similar to her in appearance.

The sisters’ mother created an Instagram page for them and the girls became instantly popular. They now have over 300,000 subscribers from all over the world. The adorable twins are now 8 years old. What are these unusual girls doing?

Morgan and Megan, as one would expect, conquer the expanses of the modeling business. And this is not surprising! After all, such an unusual beauty is rare. Morgan has one blue eye, like her sister’s, and the other is dark brown, almost black. These are the consequences of heterochromia of the iris. But this eye color further complements the unsurpassed beauty of the baby, which nature has awarded her.

Moreover, different eye color in this family is not the first case. Uncle and aunt sisters also differ in eye color.

Despite such a young age, the girls work great for the camera, so the popularity of Megan and Morgan in the modeling business is gaining momentum more and more.

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