Two huge dogs brought a small surprise to the owner from a walk

Many people think that the Staffordshire Terrier is a dangerous dog, prone to aggressive behavior, and bypass Staffords.

In fact, the breed of the animal is not so important, and with the right upbringing, both the Stafford and the Rottweiler and other dogs that are considered dangerous become great friends – loyal, caring, and affectionate.

This can be confirmed by the story of the rescue of a tiny kitten, who soon after birth was left on the street all alone. What happened to his mother is unknown. Perhaps she died under the wheels of a car or became a victim of other animals. Being very tiny, the kitten did not yet know how to get food and defend itself from danger, so a painful death awaited him on the street.

The fate of the animal was a foregone conclusion if chance had not intervened.

A huge Rottweiler and a formidable Staffordshire Terrier – this couple, walking with the owner, as a rule, people tried to bypass. Suddenly, the dogs began to show signs of anxiety, and soon one of them carefully brought a small kitten in his teeth to the startled owner. The man and his pets hurried home to examine the unexpected find.

The cat looked very pathetic and was in a deplorable state. She hadn’t eaten for days, and her tiny skinny body was covered in fleas. The owner of the dogs and his wife put a lot of effort into washing the kitten from the layer of dirt and ridding it of numerous parasites. After the cleaning, the babies were fed with a formula for babies from a special baby bottle. The Rottweiler and the Terrier patiently waited for the end of the rescue operation, and when the kitty fell asleep, they guarded her sleep, without leaving the rescued baby for a single step.

The life of the newly-made fathers has now changed – two huge, stern males of a frightening appearance hurried to their adopted daughter at the first call. Only when they heard the squeak of the crumbs, the dogs dropped everything and rushed to the rescue. They walked without the former pleasure and hurried home – to their helpless cub. The cat slept exclusively at the side of one of the dogs, feeling safe under the protection of the “fathers”.

The Rottweiler and the Staffordshire Terrier do an excellent job as nannies, and the stern appearance of the dogs does not bother their tiny ward at all.


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