Two lion cubs are fed by a cat-hating dog

It is not uncommon for one mother to be undeserving of this noble title, while another unexpectedly displays herself as a mother more than many people believe.

This is exactly what happened in the “White Lion” seashore park: the lioness abandoned her young.

She didn’t pay attention at first, and then she started growling at them and biting them instead of the customary licking.

If it weren’t for Sandra, the German shepherd that stays here, the cubs would die soon. Sandra only had one puppy, which she was still feeding with milk. The fact that the youngster was alone is significant in our history: ordinarily, a shepherd dog can feed up to eight of its pups with adequate nourishment.

“What if you put cubs next to her?” the zookeepers wondered.

After all, cubs drink a lot more milk than pups. They quickly came to their senses, however, because they were aware of Sandra’s strong distaste for cats.

But as time passed, the cubs squeaked and meowed louder and louder, and the park officials decided to try an odd experiment: utilizing a dog as a nursing mother for cats. Furthermore, in terms of content, shepherd milk was perfectly adequate for lioness pups, since it included all of the required elements.

Sandra gave the cubs a sniff. Pricking up my ears, I thought. She then rolled onto her side, displaying her mammary glands to two strangers. The park employees breathed loudly – it worked!

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