“Unique treasures worth millions”: who will get the jewelry of Elizabeth II after her departure

The Queen of Great Britain is a very interesting woman who is probably known to almost everyone in this world. She has a lot of unique, expensive, and very beautiful jewelry – although many of them belong to the Crown.

What belongs to the Crown can only be used by the reigning monarch, however, the queen herself has many interesting little things – expensive necklaces, rings and bracelets, earrings, and tiaras.

The scepter, orb, and diadem are things that, except for the monarch, no one has the right to even touch just like that. Such a right, in addition to the ruler, can only be enjoyed by the spouse of this person.

All the personal jewels of the queen, and there are at least three hundred of them, will have to be inherited, but to whom? Most likely, a will was written a long time ago, which, of course, no one will disclose to us.

Someone believes that they can go to Kate Middleton or the wife of Prince Charles – the queen treats them more kindly and trustingly.

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