Unknown photos of Sophia Loren as a young lady with her spouse in a luxury estate

The photographs stayed unpublished in the archives for a long time. In 1964, Alfred Eisenstadt photographed Sophia Loren and her husband Carlo Ponti in their villa. The images stayed unreleased in the Life magazine archives for a long time.

Carlo and Sophie began restoring a magnificent 16th-century home in Marino, some 16 kilometers from Rome, in 1960. “Nestled among 7 hectares of lawns, well-kept hedges, small waterfalls, and fig trees,” writes American writer Pete Hamill, “the villa had, among other things, a stable, an aqueduct, a tennis court, an orchard, and a swimming pool.”

We are pleased to share with the reader rare shots of the delightful Sophie in a luxurious villa.

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