“Unreal Beauty”: 51-Year-Old Uma Thurman Looks Like a Young Girl Even Without Photoshop!

At 51, she looks at least half her age.

Some celebrities work hard to maintain their youth and attractiveness. They employ every technique known to man, some of which include plastic surgery and skimpy clothing. Undoubtedly one of them is Uma Thurman.

Uma is one of the few celebrities who hasn’t been “improving” her looks with cosmetic surgery, filler injections, or Botox. Her attractiveness doesn’t diminish, nevertheless, in spite of everything. She is lovely and pretty young.

“You have to acknowledge that we often and utterly in vain feel unhappy with the way we look while we are young. It’s nice because as you become older, less is expected of you and you can afford to take care of your look much more subtly. My parents instilled in me a Buddhist way of life, even though my family never valued looks over anything else,” the celebrity said in an interview.

Uma, though, should not be concerned. She appears to be at least half her age at 51. And not just on the red carpet or at official photo ops, but also in paparazzi shots.

How do you think they turned out?

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