Unusual twins have already grown up and took part in a photo shoot organized by mom

All babies are born wonderful and beautiful. And it doesn’t matter at all what the color of their skin is, what race they are, and what status their parents have.

But sometimes completely unique children are born. Like, for example, those born to photographer Judith Nwokochi, a woman with Nigerian roots living in Canada.

The boy Kamis has a dark skin color, black hair, and brown eyes, he is all like his mother. But his sister Kachi is his exact opposite. She is an albino.

Judith says that all her life she dreamed that she would give birth to twins, and even when she was heading for an ultrasound, she did not doubt the doctor’s verdict.

Indeed, he assured her that the realization of her dream is not far off, because she is carrying two children.

The 37th week of pregnancy was marked for Judith by an examination that showed that the girl was no longer growing.

There was a need for an emergency operation in order for the child to survive. Mom had a cesarean section. Kamis was the first to be born, followed by Kachi.

When Judith took the baby in her arms for the first time, she could not accept for truth the fact that this was her child and expected that the doctors were about to report that a misunderstanding had happened.

But from the nurse, she only heard words of admiration for the beauty of the girl.

Kacha doesn’t have very good eyesight and sensitive skin, but she’s generally in perfect health.

Of course, the appearance of the girl is of interest to others, and many do not hide their bewilderment.

However, Judith does not pay any attention to this.

Brother and sister are incredibly attached to each other, and, according to mom, “they do not notice anything strange.”

Both children, tenderly loving each other, are very lucky that they grow up together!

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