Very similar to dad”: what the grown-up daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looks like now

.Tom Cruise’s only daughter, was born in 2006. It seems that this was the happiest moment in the life of an actor. And the marriage with Katie Holm seemed happy and strong, despite the fact that Cruz was 16 years older than the chosen one.

However, after only 5 years of marriage, in 2012, the acting couple broke up. The actress admitted that it was very difficult for her to marry the actor because of his passion for Scientology.

The court ruled that the actor can spend with his daughter about 10 days a month. But for 7 years, Tom Cruise has never met his daughter. As insiders explain: this is because Suri does not belong to the Church of Scientology.

Unfortunately, the girl grew up without a father, but Suri’s parents do not comment on this situation. And Katie Holmes only noted that it is difficult for her to educate Suri under the scrutiny of the media.

However, it seems Suri herself is accustomed to the attention of the paparazzi. After all, since childhood, she was under the guns of cameras. Recently, the girl was seen during a walk and lunch with friends. Fans were delighted with the matured Suri.

From a sweet girl, she turned into an elegant and beautiful young girl. Now she is 14 years old. The girl adopted her refined nature from her mother, however, outwardly Suri is a copy of her father. Fans noted that she has daddy’s eyes and looks.

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