Volunteers rescue dog that has almost forgotten how to walk

Among the owners of dogs, there are those who are difficult to call people! How else to relate to a man who kept his dog in an iron cage, fed from time to time.

And also from time to time cleaned this cage?

Plus, I didn’t even bother walking. It was from such that the volunteers took the extremely emaciated dog, and now she is waiting for a long rehabilitation, and the police opened a criminal case on the unfortunate owner.

Lizzy (that’s the name of this dog) now glows with happiness after every walk that the shelter staff arranges for her. But at first, she was frightened of the open space, and she could hardly walk, and in her behavior, a strong constriction was clearly visible.

But now she is in contact with people all the time, making sure that there can be a completely different attitude towards her, not like before in a cage! Lizzy can hardly move on her own, so now she receives daily relaxing massages from veterinarians.

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