Watch the emotional goodbye of rescue staff to the most loved and long-overlooked dog who was finally adopted…

Betsy stayed at the Humane Rescue Alliance for about 200 days. Even the director and employees of the organization were excited to say goodbye to the dog on the day she was picked up by her new family from the shelter. 

“I was trembling with delight. Some of the staff even started crying as Betsy was leaving the building,” the Humane Rescue Alliance’s director told the Dodo. 

The emotional farewell was captured on camera: 



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Betsy was discovered in the Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast DC and taken to a shelter. Betsy was very sociable, and the shelter staff was astounded by her unabashed love for people.

“Betsy got along poorly with other dogs.” She spent a lot of time in the director’s office, napping on the couch. Being surrounded by dogs was extremely stressful for her, so the staff did everything they could to keep her around,” Valm explained. 

And when Betsy was adopted by all of the employees, including the director, it was as if their own child was leaving for another family. The shelter workers applauded and said their goodbyes.

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