What 69-year-old actress Kirstie Alley looks like after losing 40 kg and plastic surgery

She looks stunning and much younger than her years.

Kirstie Alley can be safely called the queen of Hollywood comedies. She performed many roles in the cinema, which were remembered and loved by the audience. Perhaps the actress did not fit into the generally accepted standard of beauty, however, she was always bright and eccentric. True, over the years, the appearance and figure of the actress began to change. She has lost her charm.

It is worth noting that the actress has always been inclined to be overweight. She struggled with extra pounds all her life. However, at some point, it became a real problem. The weight was unacceptable. Ellie tried diet pills, she even advertised them. And the result was, that kilograms melted before our eyes. But as soon as she stopped the course, the weight returned in double volume.

Later, Kirsty herself founded her own company, which helped fight overweight. She produced a miracle drug that worked. After all, the actress herself took it, and the result was obvious. However, the truth soon came out. Ellie lost weight thanks to grueling sports and a strict diet. The actress had to return the funds to the buyers because her remedy is an ordinary placebo.

However, the actress herself has achieved unprecedented results in her weight loss. She dropped about 40 kilograms. Ellie returned to her original form. In addition, the actress decided to have plastic surgery to regain her youth. From a fat old woman, she turned into a slender and luxurious woman. The result of her transformation cannot but inspire. Despite the fact that the actress is 69 years old, she looks stunning and much younger than her years.

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