What 79-year-old Ann-Margret, Elvis Presley’s true love, looks like now

Elvis and his future wife met in Germany when Priscilla was only 14. After 8 years, the lovers legalized their relationship, becoming the most iconic couple of their time. Presley fans wanted to believe that their idol lives in an ideal world with the woman he loves. However, everything was not so rosy. It is worth noting that the king of rock and roll could choose any woman that he liked. However, the heart of Elvis from the very beginning of his career belonged to the actress and singer Ann Margret.

Despite the fact that Presley protected Priscilla in every possible way and was tied to her with invisible threads, Ann aroused the best emotions and feelings in him. Ann and Priscilla were complete opposites of each other. The actress was a real star who could outshine any woman with her charisma and incredible charm.

In 1964, Elvis and Ann played in the film “Long live Las Vegas.” On the set, real feelings broke out between the couple. Soon, the media began to write about the romance of the stars. Priscilla was jealous of her lover, however, Elvis assured his future wife that these were just unfounded rumors. Soon the king of rock and roll had to make a choice.

After much deliberation, Presley chose Priscilla, fulfilling his promise. Ann and Elvis often met on film sets, gave each other gifts, and crossed paths at social events. Margret was Presley’s invisible companion and his only love.

Their friendship lasted until the end of the musician’s life. Anne was present at the farewell to the king. The woman to this day speaks warmly of her beloved Elvis. Despite such a strong feeling for the film actress, Elvis was attached to Priscilla.

For Elvis, Priscilla remained his 14-year-old Sill, whose innocence and purity he so admired. After the birth of his daughter, Elvis moved away from his wife.

He often said that he could not have a relationship with a woman who had children. Elvis and Priscilla separated in 1972, holding hands during their divorce proceedings.

This is what Ann-Margret looks like at 79!

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