“What a beautiful woman”: what did Angelina Jolie’s mother look like?

Angelina Jolie is a well-known actress whose beauty many people like; her look was definitely influenced by her mother. In today’s essay, we will discuss the parent of a remarkable actress. 

Angelina’s mother’s name was Marcheline Bertrand. The woman, like her daughter, was born in 1950 and worked as an actor. The starting, but already accomplished actress met her future husband, Jon Voight, in the 71st year. The man was also an actor, but he was already famous, and he subsequently won an Oscar.

They had two children from this marriage, Angelina and James. Marcheline was compelled to abandon her goal of being an actor in order to devote herself to her family and children after the birth of their children. Angelina, who interacted effectively with her mother, was the personification of her fantasies. Mom provided an example for Jolie not just in choosing a job, but also in maintaining a household and raising children. According to the actor, her mother was a wonderful example of love, kindness, and generosity to her.

 Marcheline had a relationship with filmmaker Billy Day after her marriage to Jon Voight ended in divorce. And she had been married to Tom Bessamre since 2002, the guy who stood with her till the end. The woman died in 2007 after a protracted battle with a terrible disease.

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