What Conchita Wurst looks like now

Only the lazy avoided discussing Conchita Wurst after she won the Eurovision Song Contest. All mortal sins were brought up against the singer. It’s intriguing to learn about the artist’s current appearance and career. 

The artist’s real name is Thomas. He was a man when he was born, but he sensed there was something wrong with him even as a young child. Thomas didn’t have any masculine qualities, and he didn’t like the clothes the boys were wearing. 

His entire being was delicate and refined, much like a woman. The guy was struggling. You already know how cruel kids and teenagers can be. 

Thomas listened to the speaker’s constant taunts and derisive humor. From early on, the artist had a talent for music and a pleasing voice. To fight for the rights of others like him, he desired fame. 

Thomas put a lot of effort into himself and took classes. His arduous efforts paid off when he won the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s important to note that the singer was specifically asked to perform because she represents an unconventional orientation. 

Conchita’s pseudonym was created at that time. To succeed, however, we had to overcome some challenges. They initially did not want to send a singer with an unusual orientation to the competition—an orientation he made no attempt to hide—in the artist’s home country. 

Of course, it is intriguing to learn how Thomas’s life developed after the competition, which made him a household name. 

The French dancer and the artist were legally married. Their union lasted four years. People who were creative were content, but they split up. It’s not known why it occurred. The singer dislikes discussing the specifics of his personal life. 

Thomas is well-liked and well-liked in Austria. However, the artist acknowledged that he eventually grew tired of the Conchita image. He took away his manliness. Thomas acknowledges that he started to lose sight of his masculinity as a result of Conchita. 

According to the artist’s recent photos, he chose to experiment with a more masculine look. The heart of the gifted singer is currently free. He is looking for happiness. 

According to Thomas, attitudes toward minorities have improved in the six years since he entered the competition. 

The musician is overjoyed by this. He thinks that people are becoming more understanding and accepting of those who are similar to them.

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