“What Did He See In Her?” The Wife Of The Handsome James Bond Left Everyone Speechless

Daniel Craig, a charming blonde actor from the UK, has been content with his partner for more than 10 years. James Bond met Hollywood actress Rachel Weisz on the set of Skyfall several years before they fell in love, and she is now his wife.

Prior to their 2011 officially recognized marriage, the pair spent many years as close friends. In one of the performances from the mid-1990s, the performers took on the roles of lovers. Later, once they had both won Hollywood Olympus, they frequently ran into one other at gatherings and festivities.

During the production of the thriller “Dream House,” in which Craig and Weiss both acted, “their relational system” fell apart. When romantic sentiments arose, they were unable to resist each other this time. Both ended their relationships with former lovers and quickly filed for marriage. Since then, the Hollywood couple has maintained a private lifestyle, and the public knows very little about their daughter, who was born in 2018.

Although Craig appears content, many people don’t understand why he chooses Weiss. Fans are baffled as to how a blue-eyed, endearing, and pumped-up actor could wed a discrete “gray mouse” with a repetitive and dull expression on his face.

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