What did Scarlett Johansson look like before she became famous?

According to the audience, the films in which the Hollywood actress is filmed are considered the best. Men from all over the world consider her to be one of the most attractive women. Has Scarlett always enjoyed such success?

You can find many archival photos of the actress on the Web. Many believe that the appearance of a star in childhood was the most ordinary, she did not differ from her peers, and hardly anyone would have thought that such success awaited her. The baby photos were commented on by both Johansson’s fans and her detractors.

Here are some comments from fans: “Very cute”, “What a beauty she was, she remained like that”, “ How can a child be considered ugly? “,” Such clear, blue eyes.“

“And how did they notice her at all?”, “Ordinary Girl”, “Simple, nothing outstanding”, “She was just lucky”, and “ Plastic surgery does wonders ”, – the haters opposed the fans of the actress.

Do you like Scarlett’s looks? Do you think she plays her role well?

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