What does 92-year-old Gina Lollobrigida, who was the standard of beauty, look like today?

As they say, every woman has a unique appearance. However, there have always been women whose beauty the whole world spoke about. One of them was the magnificent G. Lollobrigida.

The height of this incredibly feminine actress is 165 cm, she weighed only 50 kg, and her waist was 59 cm, can you imagine?

It is worth noting that Gina accidentally got into the movie. She always dreamed of becoming a singer, and she entered a theater school, but her fate was decided by participation in a beauty contest.

The producers noticed this gorgeous beauty and offered her to act in films.

Gina left this field in the 60s, as she wanted to play new and interesting roles. Unfortunately, none of the proposals interested her at all.

The actress found herself another hobby – sculpture, and photojournalism. A little later, she became a collector – she collected outlandish birds.

Today she is 92, and she continues to be an active and cheerful woman. Agree, that appearances can only be envied.

We wish her good health!

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