What does a 3.5-foot woman’s child look like?

The age of Lera Kozhemyako is 25. She is a mother and a wife. She stands out from the others, nonetheless, because of her 3,5-foot height.

When the daughter was born, her mother just recently realized that her child was unique. Lera does not develop as quickly as her friends because of a rare genetic condition, it was discovered.

But the girl came from a great family. At home, she received love and attention. However, the outside world wasn’t always hospitable. Every day, she had to deal with harshness and many challenges.

Her height was taken into account while planning things at home, but she found it challenging to fit in at school, the shop, and other institutions.

If Lera hadn’t been an optimist, she would have been depressed. She made an effort to look on the positive side of every circumstance and provide a hand whenever she could. She continued to live while taking her oddity for granted.

Kozhemyako, fortunately, was able to find happiness in her personal life. She met someone who would eventually become her spouse on the social media platform. That man also had a handicap.

Lera yearned for a kid. The girl was not terrified despite the doctor’s warnings about the risks of delivery. The couple’s daughter is now 2 years old.

Let’s send our best wishes to their family.

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