What does a 6-year-old boy with an unusual appearance look like now?

Samuel Silva was born in Brazil in 2014. Everyone in the hospital was taken aback by his unusual appearance because the dark-skinned boy had uneven skin and hair color. 

Then Samuel became extremely popular in his homeland; the media covered him extensively, his photographs appeared in all newspapers and magazines, and his name was mentioned in every news release. 

Everyone was taken aback by his appearance, except his mother. After all, the boy belonged to the fourth generation, which has such a trait.

Niviawea Silva has the same appearance as her mother, but due to their age, doctors do not believe that women were born with this disease; instead, they believe that it developed in them during the course of their lives.

Unlike his mother and grandmother, who always had complexes because of their appearance, Samuel always felt confident. And at the age of two, he already knew that he would like to become famous and that as many people as possible know about him. And gradually began to strive for this.

The boy became a frequent guest of various castings, and auditioned for advertising, and even in the movies. And he was noticed! Such an interesting appearance very well fits into the modeling sphere.

Samuel has been successfully building a modeling career since 2018. He has contracts with the most popular clothing brands, his pictures in various fashion magazines, and on the catwalk, he is a real star! The boy happily works 6-8 hours a day, increasing his popularity in Brazil.

At the moment, Samuel is already 6 years old, and as a model, he is known all over the world. And in Brazil, they even produce dolls similar to him.

From childhood, the boy had not just a dream, but a goal – to become famous, and he did everything to fulfill it. Now he is known and recognized on the streets, and he can afford to travel and help his family with money. Samuel’s next goal is to act in films and we are sure that he will succeed!

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