What does a grandmother look like, whose biceps are 43 centimeters

Robin Hills is clearly not one of the timid girls. She works hard on her form, participates in competitions, and is a professional bodybuilder.

She also has two adult beautiful daughters and three granddaughters whom she loves. The woman is 48 years old, but she obviously does not look like the grandmother we are used to.

In 1989, when Robin graduated from high school, she immediately went to the gym. At first, she just wanted to go to the gym and keep fit, but over time, she began to work out more and harder, becoming a professional athlete.

Now she is already a prize-winner and winner of many bodybuilding championships, and she is not going to stop. It was because of the training that she quickly got into shape after the birth of her children.

The whole family supports her in competitions, and thanks to the support she does not despair in difficult moments. Since 2014, Robin has been participating in the professional league of bodybuilders in competitions.

She now leads therapy and strength training in a correctional facility.

The woman says that she used to think about how other people would perceive her hobbies and appearance. But now, she loves her figure, works on herself further, and many people admire her willpower, determination, and energy.

Our dear readers, what can you say about the appearance of a woman?

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