What does that “Curly Sue” look like today and how has she changed in 30 years?

E. Porter in the nineties played the role of a charming girl with curly hair – Susan. A lot has changed in her life in thirty years, so let’s take a look at what a celebrity looks like now.

Already during the filming of the film “Curly Sue”, Alison had a lot of experience in acting – she starred in commercials and even several films. She was only ten, but it seems she already knew that she would be an actress.

However, everything turned out to be completely different – after the fame that came to the little girl, she decided not to continue acting anywhere for the time being, but to finish school.

After graduating from an educational institution, Porter founded a musical group, and in 2016 she appeared on the Voice show, of course, many recognized her and began to follow her personal life.

Now she lives with her beloved, whose name is D. De Vera, together they raise three wonderful children. It would seem that everything is very good and cool, but Alison’s life was not so simple. Only since 2011, has the actress begun to lead a healthy lifestyle, which she adheres to this day.

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