What does the girl, who 10 years ago weighed only 23 kilograms look like now

In 2011, a girl came to the scandalous program “Let them talk” and surprised absolutely the whole country. At that time, K. Bubenko, from the beautiful city of Yekaterinburg, weighed only 23 kilograms with a height of 158 centimeters!

Because of her painful thinness, the girl could barely walk, she didn’t have enough strength for anything. The girl herself understood that she urgently needed help, so she was ready to do everything to get out of this state.

Models from the covers of magazines became the reason for her weight loss. It seemed to her that they were beautiful, but she was fat and would not achieve the same heights as they did. Although by nature she was never plump.

Before losing weight, the girl weighed only 48 kilograms, and then diets began. After some time, she stopped eating altogether, drinking only water. At one point, she realized that she could not get out of this state on her own. Her parents took her to the doctor, but it was useless.

In the studio, the girl said that she just wants to be healthy. After nine whole years, under the guidance of experienced professionals, she was able to recover and become a real beauty.

Now the girl works, studies travels a lot with her family, and most importantly, she loves and accepts her reflection in the mirror.

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