What does the husband of a girl, whose appearance has changed a lot due to a rare ailment, look like?

29-year-old Karin de Souza from Brazil was born with a rare genetic disease- her skin is so sensitive to sunlight that the girl rarely goes out and tries to live in the dark. She makes exceptions for visiting hospitals and for the celebration of a lifetime- a wedding.

It is difficult to imagine the state of our heroine, because each of her exits causes a variety of emotions in people, and most of them are not the most pleasant. The thing is that the girl now looks very unusual.

The girl also had many operations. Thus, she was left without a lower jaw, nose, and lips. Karin tried not to think about the bad. She found for herself an alternative to communication in real life- the Internet.

On one of the dating sites, Karin met her lover, Edmilson. The guy treated the girl with admiration. He believes that Karin’s appearance is attractive enough for him.

The couple got married and they want their story to be an example for other people who have some problems with their appearance and health. After all, as life shows, true love is not based only on the appearance of your partner.

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