What does the mother of the world’s most beautiful children look like, from whom they got their beauty

 We all remember Tilan Brando, who was called “the most beautiful girl,” as well as Nastya Knyazeva and others.

Children grow up, evolve, and no longer fit the description of “the most beautiful child.” As a result, they locate a replacement swiftly.

And today, by right, the most beautiful children are Dima and Viola, a brother and sister.

Children have a peculiar look, almost heavenly, which draws the attention of fashion designers. Despite their young age, youngsters work with well-known businesses. And this is the merit of their mother. Once she herself was a model, however, her career did not go uphill, but her children continued the work of their mother and achieved extraordinary success.

It is worth noting that Dima and Viola inherited all the best from their mother. Several times and she appeared in the photo, causing a real sensation on the network. Many wondered what kind of fathers the kids are. However, the spouse keeps aloof and does not want to draw attention to himself.

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