“What If They Had Children?”: Here’s How Aniston and Pitt’s Kids Would Look if They Had Any

AI reveals Aniston and Pitt’s children, surprising the internet! 😲🤫 See in this article photos that show the children of the former couple! 👇👇👇

One of the most discussed and scandalous couples of the 2000s is definitely here. The chemistry between the two captivated millions of hearts, and their love story became a topic of conversation.


Their eternal bond was sealed in 2000 with a beautiful ceremony that unfortunately lasted only five years and was short-lived. The actress and the Hollywood heartthrob are no longer together.


After 7 years of dating and 5 years of marriage, the couple officially announced their separation, leaving their fans in tears and sorrow. Nevertheless, they maintained their friendship.


For those who don’t know: The former couple also struggled with infertility and underwent many treatments, including IVF. However, unfortunately, they couldn’t have children and experience the joys of parenthood.

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