What is the current appearance of Angelina Jolie’s eldest son?

He is a very interesting person with a unique taste and style.

The actress initially became a foster mother 20 years ago. She was married to Billy Bob Toronto and had two children at the time.

But in the same period, Angelina began to actively engage in charity work.

So she ended up in Cambodia, where fate brought her together with Rat Vibol, who was then only 7 months old.

This was the first child that the actress hugged and picked up. And it was love at first sight.

Then she decided that the child would go with her.

Billy Bob Thornton became his adoptive father, and when the couple broke up, Angelina remained the sole guardian of the baby.

After some time, the actress became the wife of Brad Pete, and the boy’s name was changed to Maddock Jolie Pitt.

Today, the young man is 19 years old, and he is growing into a very interesting person with a unique taste and style.

He knows several languages, enjoys playing the guitar, and during the divorce of his parents was completely on the side of his mother.

Today they are best friends.

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