“What is the secret of your beauty?”: Network users were delighted with the appearance of 62-year-old Madonna

Not so long ago, the popular singer Madonna visited the exhibition of the famous artist V. Van Gogh. His work made such a big impression on the star that she expressed her gratitude to the organizer of this event.

A little later, the artist said on her social networks that it was a unique experience to plunge into that atmosphere and the magic of Van Gogh. According to her, these paintings can inspire anyone.



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Madonna added video clips from the exhibition itself to her publication, where her visitors dance against the backdrop of canvases. In a fairly short period of time, this post has collected more than 100 thousand likes and a huge number of comments.

The followers of the star admired not only the paintings of Van Gogh but also the physical form of Madonna herself. Most Internet users agreed that at 62, the artist looks great.

Many subscribers regularly bombard the singer with questions about how she managed to maintain her beauty for so many years. What do you think, what is Madonna’s secret?

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