What is your mindset – feminine or masculine? Entertaining test

Being born a girl does not mean thinking like a woman! Some female representatives can easily understand male logic and thinking, and most have to fantasize for a long time on the topic “What did he really think about me?”. With this simple test, you will learn a lot about yourself. Just answer the question and read the answer.

If you think that he is running towards you,  then you have 100% male thinking! You are not one of those people who start several things at the same time and spend a lot of extra time on various unnecessary details. You alternately choose a specific case and complete it exactly on time, without any problems. You can be called attentive and enterprising.

If you think that he is running from you,  then you have 100% female thinking! You have analytical skills that help you in your work. You are able to find a truly original correct solution even in the most complicated case. And all because you have a good memory and logic, and intuition, which can only be envied.

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