What Keanu Reeves spends his millions on (video)

Today K. Reeves is one of the most sought-after actors in the world. Despite this, he remains an ordinary person who freely communicates with people and does charity work. He makes millions, but still rides the subway, eats at eateries, and dresses in regular stores. For a long time, fans could not understand what the star was spending his millions on.

In one of his interviews, Keanu still gave himself away. He said that back in 2000, he created a charitable foundation that helps children defeat oncology.

However, the list of his good deeds does not end there. As you know, he received a huge fee for the film “The Matrix” and still continues to receive money. One fine day, he decided to share them with the crew that he says made this film so popular.

He also donated a motorcycle to each stuntman who did his stunts for the film.

Almost everyone knows that he constantly ordered food for the entire film crew.

In order to star in a film with Al Pacino, Keanu reduced his fee.

A few months ago, it became known that Reeves paid for a tow truck and car repairs for a strange woman, and also took her home.

The actor does not hesitate to treat the homeless with food and keep them company, chat with ordinary people, and give them a seat on the subway.

This video shows once again what a kind person Keanu is.


He is, in all likelihood, one of the few actors who is so close to people.

Do you love him?

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