What the second halves of the hottest men of our time look like

These men drive millions of women around the world crazy. Every fan dreams of marrying them, but their hearts have long been occupied.

We found out with whom the main heartthrobs of Hollywood tied their lives. And here they are, the lucky ones.

1. Amelia Warner, 36

Wife of actor Jamie Dornan (36 years old)

2. Stephanie Manderos, 32

Wife of fashion model David Gandy (38 years old)

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 31

Jason Statham’s fiancee (51 years old)

4. Charlotte Riley, 36

Wife of actor Tom Hardy (41 years old)

5. Lisa Bonet, 51

Wife of actor Jason Mamoa (39 years old)

6. Sofia Vergara, 46 years old

Wife of actor Joe Manganiello (41 years old)

7. Blake Lively, 31

Wife of actor Ryan Reynolds (42)

8. Alicia Vikander, 30

Wife of actor Michael Fassbender (41 years old)

9. Elsa Pataki, 42

Wife of actor Chris Hemsworth (35 years old)

10. Nikki Reed, 30

Wife of actor Ian Somerhalder (39 years old)

11. Camila Alves, 36

Wife of actor Matthew McConaughey (49 years old)

12. Katherine Schwarzenegger, 28

The bride of actor Chris Pratt (39 years old)

13. Morgana McNelis, 35

Civil wife of actor Charlie Hunnam (38 years old)

14. Dominik Geisendorff, 34

Civil wife of actor Cam Gigandet (36 years old)

15. Katy Perry, 34

The bride of actor Orlando Bloom (41 years old)

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