When a human friend’s son became ill, a wild crow displayed unusual behavior… Birds are extremely sensitive

The story we’d like to tell you today occurred in Scotland about five years ago. Mildred, Ann Edwards’ new neighbor, was a crow. The neighbors quickly became acquainted with one another. 

Edwards was at home one day when he heard a noise outside. She went outside to find Mildred and her chick hiding on a fence from a cat about to jump. 

Edwards stepped in without hesitation. She rescued a baby bird and returned it to its nest in a tree across the street. The crow has not forgotten the woman’s good deed.

“Mildred began to bring all of her chickens into my garden. It’s become an annual event. When her little crow fell out of the nest, I put it back in, and Mildred hasn’t left us since,” Edwards said. 

The crow recently had an opportunity to repay Edwards. The woman’s son became ill, and an ambulance arrived to transport him to the hospital. Mildred, who was watching what was going on, realized that her “friend” was upset and worried. And the rambunctious crow decided to console Edwards. 

“The night my son was taken to the hospital, Mildred sat in a tree near my house all night.” I’d never seen her sitting on the dry tree’s branches before.”When I left the house, Mildred began to croak, apparently saying that I was not alone,” Edwards explained. 

“She seemed to be telling me that we are both mothers and that she understands what I’m going through.” “I stayed on the dry tree until my son was discharged from the hospital,” Mildred explained. 

As you can see, even birds can be devoted and thankful. Acts of kindness are never forgotten. The good you’ve done will come back to you one day.

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