When her rescued puppies are taken away, a stray mama dog chases after them

Every mother wants the best for her children and will go to any length to keep them safe. 

This applies to all creatures, and the story of this dog is a good example of motherhood’s wanderings. 

Karlee, a volunteer, was once on a mission to find the puppies hiding beneath the woodpile. The pile was about to be demolished and relocated, making the problem even more pressing. 

Karlee needed assistance from her fellow volunteers because the search area was large. 

The rescuers placed food and water throughout the area in order to capture the dogs. The wait was several days long. They were distressed when they emerged, but Karlee and others were able to successfully transport them to a safe location. There was still a lot of work to be done for the team. 

They needed to find the puppies’ mother because they couldn’t survive on their own at that age. 

The mother was found after seven days of searching, but she, like her children, was terrified. That is why the team did not rush her adaptation. 

They were kind to her. When she refused all food and water, the rescuers devised the best plan in this situation. The only way to entice the mother was to use her children. The puppies were loaded into the back of the truck, which was then driven to Karlee’s house. 

The mother ran for ten minutes before the truck came to a halt. She was initially afraid to enter the house, but she eventually found the courage to do so. 

It was the happy ending they had all hoped for.

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