When the baby was born, she was called the “ugly duckling”. Today, a 6-year-old girl became a model

As far as we know, in Asian countries (and not only) today they attach great importance to appearance. Many are willing to spend huge amounts of money on plastic surgery and cosmetics, just to look more attractive.

Oddly enough, the appearance of newborn children is also of great importance. First of all, everyone tries to evaluate how beautiful the child is, and only then do they think about his health.

The parents of our today’s heroine are very attractive people, but when they posted a photo of their daughter on their social networks, the feedback from subscribers turned out to be, to put it mildly, not very flattering.

Many began to write about how ugly their child is. Family friends even began to think that this was not her real father and only her mother admired her beloved daughter. But over time, the girl’s features began to change.

Today, the baby is already 6 years old. Surely all those who left negative comments under that photo would be very surprised today to see the matured baby.

The girl grew up and became an incredible beauty. Mom continues to proudly share pictures of her princess because now she takes part in photoshoots for fashion magazines.

It is worth noting that the mother always considered her daughter a beauty, despite all the statements of the haters.

This girl managed to prove that there are no ugly children. After all, very often facial features change over time. This story is reminiscent of the famous fairy tale about the ugly duckling, which eventually turned into a beautiful swan.

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